I will be honest with you, I started my Instagram journey purely as a hobby. As I began to have some fun with it, I started trying to grow it. I tried to grow it beyond my immediate friends and family to prove that I could! Since then things have changed. It is now a full blown influencer business in the BBQ niche.

I have worked with over 20 different brands and I have been paid as much as $472 for a single post to promote one product. I have been sent thousands of dollars worth of product to use, test, and promote throughout my time on Instagram. To top it off, I have been sent on paid vacations just to promote events at specific locations!

It has been a whirlwind, but an awesome one for sure!

After really dialing in the method that I use, I started offering my services to friends and family. My goal was to help hone my skills for “other” types of accounts with different niches and needs. I’ve since successfully grown countless accounts using the same methods.

I’d love to help you build your brand as well!

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